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USCG Tactics, Techniques, & Procedures(TTP) for Marine Inspections & Port State Control Exams

Coast Guard Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures(TTP) are maintained by U.S. Coast Guard Force Readiness Command. The TTPs on this page consolidate, update, and standardize guidance for Coast Guard marine inspectors conducting certain types of inspections and exams. TTPs are not a substitute for applicable legal requirements. TTPS are intended to provide guidance to Coast Guard personnel and are not intended, nor do they, impose legally binding requirements on any party outside the Coast Guard.

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures(TTP)
TTP Name TTP Number
Alternate Compliance Program CGTTP 3-72.9A    
Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiners CGTTP 3-72.2B    
Foreign Passenger Vessel Initial Certificate of Compliance Exam CGTTP 3-72.5A    
Foreign Gas Carrier Examiner CGTTP 3-72.6A      
Foreign Freight Vessel Examiner CGTTP 3-72.8      
Foreign Passenger Vessel Certificate of Compliance Periodic Exam CGTTP 3-72.10    
Port State Control Examiner CGTTP 3-72.12    
This information will be updated as changes occur

Revised December 7, 2020