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Large Fleet Designation Program

This program has been established to allow vessels in a “large Fleet” to undergo additional IMO detention before being targeted by the Coast Guard. Ship management entities that have 25 or more individual vessels in their fleet, in which each one of those vessels have made at least one arrival to the U.S. in the past 12 months, are eligible to participate in this program. It should be noted that entities enrolled in the Large Fleet program may also appear on the targeted organizations list once the adjusted detention threshold is reached. The entity’s status in the Large Fleet program is based solely on distinct arrivals and does not indicate whether said entity is currently being targeted. Targeted organizations can be found here.


Program Details

The following list represents those Ship Management entities (owners, and operators) that are participating in the "Large Fleet" designation. Ship Management entities that have 25 or more individual vessels in their fleet, in which each one of those vessels have made at least one arrival within the past 12 months to the United States, are eligible to participate in this program. A single vessel making multiple arrivals in the U.S. over the course of a year does not constitute multiple distinct arrivals. Only a single distinct arrival can be credited per individual vessel, per year. Members participating in the "Large Fleet" program are entitled to additional detention(s) before being targeted by the U.S. for Port State Control. This means that if a Large Fleet participant has been associated with 3 or more detentions1 (depending on size of fleet * see chart below) within a 12 month period, then that Ship Management entity will be targeted.


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"Large Fleet" entities can participate in the program for 12 months, and then must reapply for each 12 month period thereafter. Applications for renewal into the Large Fleet program must be filed within thirty (30) days prior to expiry, in order to avoid a lapse in enrollment. Organizations who feel that they qualify for eligibility to participate in this program may apply2 directly to the following email address Faxed applications will no longer be accepted. When applying, applicants must state that the purpose of the e-mail is to apply for the Coast Guard's "Large Fleet" designation and use the Large Fleet Template.

As of July 1, 2010, the below detention figures that will trigger a Ship Management entity to be targeted, are as follows:

* Companies with pending legal action or currently under probation with the U.S. Government are not eligible to participate in the Large Fleet program.
Fleet Size (Distinct Arrivals) Detentions
25-199 3
200-332 4
333-399 5
400 or more 6

Fleet verification must be verified in the registration as show via IHS FAIRPLAY© database, vessel's continuous synopsis record and advanced notice of arrival information.

2 Since this is a voluntary program we ask that you make all applications in Microsoft® Excel© format and include the following fields. IMO Company ID Number, Company Name, Company's relation to vessel (Owner, Operator), Vessel IMO Number, Vessel Name.