Marine Casualty & Pollution Data for Researchers   

The Marine Casualty and Pollution Data files provide details about marine casualty and pollution incidents investigated by Coast Guard Offices throughout the United States. The database can be used to analyze marine accidents and pollution incidents by a variety of factors including vessel or facility type, injuries, fatalities, pollutant details, location, and date.  The data collection period began in 1982 for marine casualties and 1973 for polluting incidents, and is ongoing. 

Documentation includes entity and attribute descriptions along with suggested solutions to general marine pollution, vessel casualty, and personnel injury and death questions.

Marine casualty data is available  through two zipped files that were previously distributed on CDs.

The first file (64 Megabytes) contains all available marine casualty data up until December 2001.  For additional information consult the  readme file.

The second file (> 79 Megabytes) contains all available marine casualty data from January 2002 - July 2015.