The purpose of the Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC), as stated in its Charter, is to provide advice and consultation to the Coast Guard's Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Directorate with respect to the water transportation of hazardous materials in bulk.  Issues and concerns relating to the marine transportation of hazardous materials in bulk are unique to the Coast Guard.  While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects the work force in other American industries, marine workers are protected solely by Coast Guard regulations.  CTAC has traditionally provided technical advice and expertise not otherwise available from other sources.  CTAC has not only been a very valuable source of expert advice, but it has also been a hands-on, extremely productive group, directly assisting the Coast Guard in its efforts to ensure the safe marine transportation of hazardous materials.



CTAC's membership includes six vessel operators, five chemical shippers, five environmental response sector representatives, and five environmental safety and health officials.  The remaining members represent non-profit classification societies, Federal and state governmental agencies, and educational institutions.  The members of CTAC are all respected experts and managers in the field of chemical transportation with a broad range of experience and knowledge relating to vessel operation and design, chemical characteristics and hazards, and port facility operations.  In conformance with the Department of Transportation's diversity goals, the membership of CTAC includes women and members of racial and ethnic minority groups.  In addition to the members of CTAC, numerous other persons with equal experience and expertise serve on CTAC's various subcommittees.  All of the committee and subcommittee members are volunteers serving at their own expense, including travel and per diem. 

For the most current CTAC information, please contact the Hazardous Materials Division.

Subcommittee for Task Statement 22-03: Recommendations on Testing Requirements for Anti-Flashback Burners for Vapor Control Systems.

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