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Floating OCS Facilities (FOFs)

A floating OCS facility, as defined in 33 CFR 140.10, is "a buoyant OCS facility securely and substantially moored so that is cannot be moved without a special effort. This term includes tension leg platforms and permanently moored semisubmersibles or shipshape hulls but does not include mobile offshore drilling units and other vessels." [emphasis added]

Additional 33 CFR 140.10 definitions pertaining to the type of facility that also apply to a FOF include OCS facilitymanned facility and unit. §140.10 definitions that do NOT apply to a FOF include manned platform.

In accordance with changes related to USCG policies concerning oversight of FOFs (see CG-OES Policy Letter (PL) 01-22, CG-MMC PL 01-22 and D8(do) PL 01-2022), three floating production units (TurritellaBW Pioneer, and Helix Producer Ihave been deemed to be vessels by the D8 OCS OCMI (as also evidenced by documentation issued by the respective vessel's Administrations) and will no longer be considered FOFs per the 33 CFR 140.10 definition.

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