Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee


Congress established the Great Lakes Pilotage Advisory Committee in the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 1998.  The Committee was established to make recommendations to the Secretary on matters relating to Great Lakes pilotage, including review of proposed Great Lakes pilotage regulations and policies.  The Committee operates under the authority of 46 United States Code 9307.

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Advisory Committee Membership


Member    Affiliation
Daniel Gallagher,                President LPA   Chairman, GLPAC

John Boyce,                       President SLSPA

  Vice Chairman, GLPAC

Chris Edyvean, President  Western Great Lakes Pilots Association
Paul LaMarre, Director Port of Monroe
Susan Bray, Director

  ArcelorMittal International

John Baker Jr., President   GL District Council, International Longshoremen's   Association
Mike Klein, Chartering Manager  Grain Marketing Northern America, CHS


Advisory Committee Officers:

Designated Federal Officer - Mr. Kevin Kiefer, U.S. Coast Guard

Alternate Designated Federal Officer - Mr. Frank Levesque


2020 GLPAC Meeting Transcript
2020 GLPAC Meeting Transcript Summary
Any past transcripts may be requested from the Great Lakes Pilotage Office.
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The Coast Guard can be contacted at the following addresses:

Email: HQS-PF-CG-WWM-2 Great Lakes Pilotage

Mail: Great Lakes Pilotage (CG-WWM-2), 2703 Martin Luther King Jr. SE, Mail Stop 7509, Washington, DC 20593