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○ Drill Down articles are available in pdf AND web formats. See more on the Drill Down page.

○ D8 OCS OCMI Marine Safety Information Bulletins

○ Offshore Renewable Energy and Wind Support Vessels ("101-type" information) pages.

○ Introduction to Offshore Supply Vessels information: OSV Regulatory History and Overview of the Types of OSVs

○ Introduction to Dynamic Positioning (DP) Systems

○ Frequently Asked Questions

○ 33 CFR Subchapter N Federal Register reference document

○ Job Aids (similar to the legacy CG-840 books) for Floating OCS Facilities, Fixed Platforms, Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and Offshore Supply Vessels

○ OSV reference books and 'old' CFRs (see tabs on the linked page)

○ Policy letters and NVICs applicable to the OCS, categorized by unit/vessel type

○ Memorandums of Understanding and Memorandums of Agreement with other federal agencies and industry partners

○ OCS Inspections Organization Chart

Photos (clockwise from top left): CG Petroleum Engineer (LT Kyle Carter) giving training to CG Marine Inspectors on a Hercules Jack-Up MODU; Edison Chouest OSV; MODU SEVAN LOUISIANA underway in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico; Dockside COC Exam of the SPARTAN 151 in Seward, Alaska; Block Island Windfarm operations; Platform GINA (offshore California).

Site Updates

○ New - July 25, 2022: Added a BSEE Investigation tab to the OCS Accidents, Investigations and Safety Information page with links to Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) pages discussing their incident investigations program, reporting information and investigation reports.

○ New - July 8, 2022: Added a site content page (i.e., sitemap) accessible through the main menu to the left or here.

○ Update - June 2, 2022: Added clarification to FAQ #30 related to CG-MMC Policy Letter 01-22 and the chemical testing requirements for an individual voluntarily holding a MMC while serving on a floating OCS facility. See the FAQ on the FOF FAQs page for additional information.

○ Update - June 2, 2022: Updated the OCS Organization Chart to show changes in personnel related to the the 2022 transfer season. The following table summarizes the changes:

Member Departing Position New Position
CDR Michael (Mickey) Dougherty Deputy D8 OCS OCMI Director, D8 Coastal Region Auxiliary Affairs (New Orleans)
LCDR Kyle Carter USCG Navigation Center CG-CVC-1 (Offshore Compliance)
LCDR David Newcomb Sector New Orleans OCS Branch Chief Deputy D8 OCS OCMI
LCDR Kenn Yuen OCSNCOE National Technical Advisor Sector New Orleans OCS Branch Chief
LCDR Daniel Wilkerson Grad School OCSNCOE National Technical Advisor
LT Vince Carreon OCSNCOE Technical Advisor Retirement
LT Megan Mahoney Sector New Orleans OCS/Marine Inspector Supervisor, MSD Cape Cod
LT Michael Wortman MSU Port Arthur OCS/Marine Inspector LANTAREA International Port Security (Portsmouth, VA)
LT Joshua Diaz MSU Houma Marine Inspector/Industry Training OCSNCOE Technical Advisor
LTjg Peter Anderson Sector Mobile Marine Inspector Sector New Orleans OCS/Marine Inspector


Thanks to CDR Mickey Dougherty, LT Megan Mahoney and LT Mike Wortman for their service and contributions to the OCS inspections program and we wish them success in their new endeavors for the Coast Guard. Thanks to LCDR Dave Newcomb and LCDR Kenn Yuen for the service of their prior positions and their continued service in their new OCS-related positions. We welcome LCDR Dan Wilkerson, LT Josh Diaz and LTjg Peter Anderson into their new positions.

We offer a special thanks to LT Vince Carreon for his tenure at the OCSNCOE and for his knowledge and input for both OSV and OCS-related inspections initiatives and products generated by our office. We wish him, his wife and their children the best in retirement and the next stage of their lives!

○ New - 31May2022: D8 MSIB 02-22 was released by the D8 OCS OCMI and details Hurricane Season Reporting Requirements. Additional D8 MSIBs can be found here.

○ New - May 16, 2022: BSEE and USCG released a Joint Safety Alert (USCG Safety Alert 05-22) summarizing contributors and recommendations related to a Drillship's unsuccessful attempt at avoiding Hurricane Ida. Additional OCS-related safety alerts can be found here.

○ New - May 4, 2022: D8 OCS Policy Letter 01-2022, Verification of Training and Drills for Personnel Assigned Special or Emergency Duties on Floating Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facilities (FOFs), was issued on May 3, 2022 and cancels D8 Policy Letter 03-2000, CH-1, Policy on Manning of Non-Self-Propelled Floating Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facilities.

○ Recent - April 13, 2022: Questions by the Offshore Operators Committee and their membership related CG-OES Policy Letter 01-22 and CG-MMC Policy Letter 01-22 regarding changes in Coast Guard policy/oversight of floating OCS facilities and the answers provided by the Coast Guard have been posted to the FOF FAQs page. A pdf document of the questions and answers is available here.

○ Recent - April 5, 2022: D8 OCS MSIB 22-01, Reporting Requirements and Mooring Arrangements for MODUs and Vessels Completing OCS Activities Intending to Cold Stack. The D8 OCS MSIB collection can be viewed here.

○ Recent - February 10, 2022: Guidance Documents, Oversight and Manning Requirements for Floating OCS Facilities (FOFs) were published via Federal Register 87 FR 7716, Docket No. USCG-2020-0049. This FR announces the release and discusses policies related to Floating OCS Facilities, CG-OES Policy Letter 01-22 and CG-MMC Policy Letter 01-22. These policies are also available on the National Policy tab of the FOF Regulatory Guidance page. MMC PL 01-22 cancels D8 PL 08-2001.

Readers are encouraged to review the FR notice in conjunction with the policy letters for additional, explanatory information related to these policy changes.

○ Important - December 21, 2021: Report of Investigation into Shell AUGER TLP Lifeboat No. 6 Inadvertent Hook Opening with Loss of Life and Injury at Garden Banks 426 on the U.S. OCS in the Gulf of Mexico.

View the AUGER LB 6 page for information related to this incident.

December 22, 2021: See the Investigation Recommendations tab on the AUGER LB 6 page for a ready reference to the ROI recommendations and District Commander's endorsement of the same.

December 30, 2021: Added timelines that detail the accident and maintenance events for the Lifeboat No. 6 casualty.

February 8, 2022: Added USCG testing report for the Schat-Harding LHR 3.5M2 release mechanism (Enclosure (2) to the Report of Investigation).