Routing Symbol Position Title Telephone Number
CG-7 Assistant Commandant for Capabilities 202-372-2020
CG-7E Executive Assistant 202-372-2024
CG-7D-1 Force Management Staff 202-372-1241
CG-711 Office of Aviation Forces 202-372-2201
CG-7111 Aviation Resources Division 202-372-2204
CG-7112 Aviation Capabilities Division 202-372-2208
CG-721 Office of Specialized Capabilities 202-372-2525
CG-7211 Use of Force Capabilities Division 202-372-2043
CG-7212 Dive Capabilities Division 202-372-1294
CG-731 Office of Boat Forces 202-372-2451
CG-7311 Policy & Competency Development Division 202-372-2473
CG-7312 Boat Force Capability Division 202-372-2466
CG-741 Office of Shore Forces 202-372-2076
CG-7411 Capability Development and Integration Division 202-372-1536
CG-7412 Workforce Capability Division 202-372-2654
CG-7413 Facility and System Capability Division 202-372-2653
CG-751 Office of Cutter Forces 202-372-2321
CG-7511 Admin & Standards Development Division 202-372-2325
CG-7512 Major Cutter Capabilities Divisionn 202-372-2330
CG-7513 ATON, Ice Breaker & Patrol Boat Capabilities Division 202-372-2324
CG-761 Office of C4 & Sensors Capabilities 202-372-2480
CG-7611 Communications and Sensors Division 202-372-2482
CG-7612 C2 & Operations Information Systems Division 202-372-2483
CG-771 Office of Requirements & Analysis 202-372-2516
CG-791 Office of Cyberspace Forces 202-372-2863