Photo of Rear Admiral Michael P. Ryan

Michael P. Ryan

Rear Admiral Mike Ryan assumed the duties of Deputy for Operations, Policy & Capabilities located in U. S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Washington D.C in May 2022. He is responsible for establishing and providing operational strategy, policy, capability...


Under the general direction and supervision of the Deputy Commandant for Operations (CG-DCO) the Deputy for Operations Policy and Capabilities shall:

  1. Assist in carrying out all CG-DCO missions and functions and serve as Acting in CG-DCO's absence.
  2. Develop and implement protocols for CG-DCO workload prioritization, workforce communication, and external representation and coordinate all tasking, direction and deadlines.
  3. Provide supervision and oversight for CG-DCO military and civilian workforce management, performance, and award processes. Ensure an effective quality control system to manage the DCO civilian award pool and serve as the DCO Performance Incentive Pay Official (PIPO) to approve civilian performance cash awards and QSI allocations.
  4. Serve as the point of integration for CG-DCO Policy, Capability, Strategy and Resources and maintain CG-DCO's "big picture."
  5. Ensure the timely development of operational doctrine, policy, plans, standards and requirements necessary to achieve mission outcomes.
  6. Supervise the development and advocacy of Authorities, Capabilities, Competencies, Capacities and Partnerships (ACCCP) necessary to meet future mission requirements.
  7. Oversee resource management functions for CG-DCO to include planning, programming, budgeting, execution and financial management.
  8. Manage CG-DCO's performance assessment and improvement activities and oversee the development of operational mission and program goals and objectives. Ensure the development of risk based program performance plans that optimize Coast Guard performance across all missions and programs, consistent with national priorities.
  9. Provide the annual Strategic Planning Direction to the Areas and ensure the timely execution of the annual Standard Operational Planning Process (SOPP).
  10. Direct and oversee emerging operational policy and planning, and support and participate in the CG strategic planning process (e.g. Evergreen).
  11. Facilitate time-critical current operations processes, e.g., MOTR, designated SNO and time-critical regulatory appeal determinations.
  12. Negotiate international treaties, conventions and agreements necessary to achieve mission outcomes.
  13. Adjudicate non-time-critical regulatory appeal determinations (33, 46, 49 CFR) and provide SME to CG-DCO for time-critical appeals.
  14. Develop partnerships necessary to achieve mission outcomes. Coordinate with external and CG internal policy development and capability stakeholders and seek interagency synergies and new opportunities to advance national, DHS and CG strategic goals.
  15. Draft and sponsor new authorities.
  16. Represent the Commandant, Vice Commandant and CG-DCO at Congressional Hearings, meetings and conferences with other government agencies and interact with private and public sector representatives on matters pertaining to Coast Guard operations policy, capabilities, standards and requirements.

Contact the Deputy for Operations Policy & Capabilities:

WASHINGTON DC 20593-7318