Assistant Commandant for Response Policy (CG-5R)


Phone Directory

Routing Symbol Position Title Telephone Number  
CG-5R Assistant Commandant for Response Policy 202-372-2011  
CG-5R-EA Executive Assistant to CG-5R 202-372-2014  
CG-5R-A Administrative Specialist to CG-5R 202-372-2015  
CG-5RI Director of Emergency Management 202-372-2097  
CG-5RI-D Deputy Director, Emergency Management 202-372-2098  
CG-5RI-A Administrative Assistant to CG-5RI 202-372-2004  
CG-5RE Director of Law Enforcement, Maritime Security, and Defense Operations Policy 202 372-2104  
CG=5RE-EA Executive Assistant to CG-5RE 202-372-2018  
CG-5RE-A Administrative Assistant to CG-5RE 202 372-2010  
CG-MLE Office of Law Enforcement Policy 202-372-2161  
CG-MLE-1 Plans, Analysis & Budget Division 202-372-2173  
CG-MLE-2 MHS, General LE & Policy Standards Division 202-372-2166  
CG-MLE-3 Maritime Interdiction Division 202-372-2165  
CG-MLE-4 LMR & MPS Enforcement Division 202-372-2187  
CG-ODO Office of Counterterrorism and Defense Operations Policy 202-372-2104  
CG-ODO-1 Joint Strategic Planning 202-372-2125  
CG-ODO-2 Maritime Security Counterterrorism 202-372-2126  
CG-ODO-3 Support and Security 202-372-2040  
CG-MSR Office of Maritime Security Response Operations Policy 202-372-2122  
CG-MSR-1 Maritime Security (Antiterrorism) Division 202-372-2124  
CG-MSR-2 Maritime Security Planning 202-372-2270  
CG-MSR-3 Maritime Force Protection 202-372-2513  
CG-MER Office of Marine Environmental Response Policy 202-372-2231  
CG-MER-1 Policy Development 202-372-2250  
CG-MER-2 International and Spill Coordination 202-372-2264  
CG-MER-3 International Spill Coordination 202-372-2264  
NRC Coast Guard National Response Center 800-424-8802  
CG-SAR Office of Search and Rescue 202-372-2086  
CG-SAR-1 Policy Division 202-372-2080  
CG-SAR-2 Coordination Division 202-372-2088  
CG-OEM Office of Emergency Management & Disaster Response 202-372-2141  
CG-OEM-1 Emergency Management Exercise & Plans 202-372-2143  
CG-OEM-2 Incident Management Disaster Response 202-372-2019  
CG-OEM-3 Exercise Evaluation & Analysis 202-372-2142  
CG-5RC National Command Center 202-372-2398    
CG-5RC-D National Command Center Deputy  202-372-2399    
CG-5RC - NRC Director National Response Center Director 202-372-2420