As a partner in Subchapter M compliance, this virtual course offering is designed to meet your Subchapter M familiarity and instruction needs.  Whether a Coast Guard marine inspector, industry compliance officer or operator, or Third Party Organization representative, the narrated training modules address current policy and Coast Guard thinking. The training may be taken at any time and as many times as needed. Each module takes approximately 15-30 minutes to complete. For further discussion on any or all of the modules, or for training beyond the modules, you may schedule a live (virtual) session with the TVNCOE staff. The TVNCOE recommends no more than 15 students per live question and answer session. These sessions will be conducted either by teleconference or with the use of MS Teams and should be scheduled at least 30 days in advance so that the TVNCOE can best accommodate your request.


Training modules:


Disclaimer:  Altering the content in the below training modules is not authorized and the Coast Guard does not endorse any changes made by outside parties.


  1. ITV Welcome   (Introduce TVNCOE staff, TVNCOE focus).
  2. Intro to Sub M   (Illustrates the two compliance options and common aspects between them).
  3. Operations    (Overview of Subchapter M operational requirements).
  4. Lifesaving    (Overview of Subchapter M lifesaving requirements).
  5. Fire Protection    (Overview of Subchapter M firefighting requirements).
  6. Engineering    (Overview of Subchapter M engineering system regulatory requirements).
  7. Construction    (Overview of Subchapter M  vessel construction regulatory requirements).
  8. Dry Dock   (Subchapter M dry-dock and internal structural examination requirements).
  9. TSMS The purpose of a TSMS.   (Overview of the TSMS compliance process).
  10. TugSafe  (Overview and demonstration of electronic inspection aid TugSafe).
  11. TugSafe Central  (Overview and demonstration of electronic compliance guidebook TugSafe Central).

How to Request a Live Session


Send an email to with the subject line "Training Request" that includes:

  1. A point of contact.
  2. A business phone number.
  3. The name of the requesting organization.
  4. An email address for the point of contact.
  5. The number of people who will be attending the live session.
  6. A list of the desired training modules.
  7. Desired live session date and two(2) alternative dates.
  8. Any addition comments.

If you have questions, please call Mr. Steven Douglass at 270-444-7715 X205 or Jim Van Wormer at x203.