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 Part 24 - General Provisions
 Part 25 - Requirements

Subpart A—General

Subpart 25.01—Application

§25.01-1   Applicable to all vessels.
§25.01-3   Incorporation by reference.
§25.01-5   OMB control numbers assigned pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act.

Subpart 25.10—Navigation Lights

§25.10-1   Applicability.
§25.10-2   Definitions.
§25.10-3   Navigation light certification requirements.

Subpart 25.25—Life Preservers and Other Lifesaving Equipment

§25.25-1   Application.
§25.25-3   Definitions.
§25.25-5   Life preservers and other lifesaving equipment required.
§25.25-7   Marking.
§25.25-9   Storage.
§25.25-11   Condition.
§25.25-13   Personal flotation device lights.
§25.25-15   Retroreflective material for personal flotation devices.
§25.25-17   Survival craft requirements for uninspected passenger vessels of at least 100 gross tons.
§25.25-19   Visual distress signals.

Subpart 25.26—Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)

§25.26-1   Definitions.
§25.26-5   Commercial fishing industry vessels.
§25.26-10   EPIRB requirements for uninspected passenger vessels.
§25.26-20   Other manned uninspected commercial vessels.
§25.26-50   Servicing of EPIRBs.
§25.26-60   Exemptions.

Subpart 25.30—Fire Extinguishing Equipment

§25.30-1   Applicability.
§25.30-5   General provisions.
§25.30-10   Portable fire extinguishers and semi-portable fire extinguishing systems.
§25.30-15   Fixed fire extinguishing systems.
§25.30-20   Fire extinguishing equipment required.
§25.30-80   Location and number of fire extinguishers required for vessels constructed prior to August 22, 2016.
§25.30-90   Vessels contracted for prior to November 19, 1952.

Subpart 25.35—Backfire Flame Control

§25.35-1   Requirements.

Subpart 25.40—Ventilation

§25.40-1   Tanks and engine spaces.

Subpart 25.45—Cooking, Heating, and Lighting Systems

§25.45-1   Heating and lighting systems on vessels carrying passengers for hire.
§25.45-2   Cooking systems on vessels carrying passengers for hire.

Subpart 25.50—Garbage Retention

§25.50-1   Criteria.

 Part 26 - Operations
 Part 27 - Towing Vessels
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 Ballast Water Management
 Drug & Alcolol Testing
 Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)
 Hazardous Condition
 Inland Navigation Rules on Board
 Lifesaving (Part 199)
 Load Lines
 Manning & Watchstanding
 Marine Casualty Reporting
 Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)
 Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)
 Navigation Equipment
 Navigation Lights & Shapes
 Navigation Publications
 Oil Pollution Prevention Records/Documents
 Oil Pollution Prevention
 Records for Towline for Towing Astern
 Sound Producing Devices
 Terminal Gear for Towing Astern
 Tests & Inspections
 Towline and Terminal Gear for Towing Alongside & Pushing Ahead
 Towline for Towing Astern
 VTS Rules
 Western Rivers (WR) Exception