MTN 01-93 CH-1

Intact Stability Considerations for Windows on Sub H, K and T

MTN 01-94

Acceptance Criteria for Pressure Vessels on Reflagged Vessels

MTN 04-94 CH-2

Damage Stability Considerations for Vessels not Subject to SOLAS

MTN 05-94 CH-2

Racking Loads in Multi-level Superstructures

MTN 01-95 CH-2

Permissible Locations of Class I WTDs

MTN 02-95 CH-1

Damage Stability Equalization

MTN 03-95

General Alarm System Equivalencies

MTN 04-95 CH-2

Lightship Change Determination

MTN 05-95 CH- 1

Acceptable Applications Of Wire On Coast Guard Certificated Vessels

MTN 01-96

Hydrogen and Ignition Energy Hazards In Passenger Submersibles

MTN 02-96 CH-1

Plan Review Guidance For Hovercraft

MTN 01-98 CH-13

Tonnage Administrative Policy

MTN 01-99 CH-10

Tonnage Technical Policy

MTN 02-00 CH-2

Longitudinal Extent of Machinery Spaces on OSVs and other SOLAS Cargo Vessels

MTN 03-00 CH-1

Means of Escape from Main Machinery Spaces on OSVs

MTN 04-00

Weather Criteria For Liftboat Leg Strength - Sub L

MTN 01-01 CH-1

Towline Pull Criteria For Vessels Equipped with Z-Drives

MTN 01-03 CH-2

Guidance on Submitting T-Boat Plans to the Marine Safety Center

MTN 04-03 CH-4

Technical Support and Oversight of Authorized Classification Societies

MTN 04-03 (Encl) ACS Notification Worksheet

MTN 01-04

Automatic CO2 Systems For Small Unoccupied Spaces and Machinery Enclosures

MTN 01-05 CH-1

Survivability for Watertight Doors Kept Open During Navigation

MTN 02-05

Transfer to US Flag Under the USCG ACP NVIC 2-95

MTN 01-08 CH-2

Review of Rigid Hull Inflatable Vessels

MTN 01-09

Hydraulic Helm Steering Systems for Subchapter K Vessels

MTN 01-10 CH-2

Review of Systems Containing Plastic Pipe

MTN 02-10

Material Selection for Vital Piping Systems

MTN 01-11 CH-2

Plan Approval Extension Procedures

MTN 02-11 CH-1

Review of Vital System Automation and Dynamic Positioning Systems Plans

MTN 01-13

Application of the Low Fire Load (5A) Space Policy

MTN 01-17 CH-1

Guidance on Design Verification for Subchapter M Towing Vessels

MTN 01-18

Guidance for Establishing Equivalency to UL 1104 Navigation Lights

MTN 01-19 Guidance on the Carriage of Greater than 36 Offshore Workers on Offshore Supply Vessels of less than 6000 GT ITC



Last Modified: 10/26/2017