Vessel Security Division

Welcome to the Marine Safety Center Vessel Security Division. Per 33 CFR 104, vessels subject to the Maritime Transportation Security ACT (MTSA) must submit a VSP to the MSC for review and approval. We have a team of four contractors that review all submissions and recommend those submissions for approval to the MSC. Please send all your submissions, password protected, to securityplaninfo@uscg.mil and we will review them on a first come, first served basis. If, for any reason, you need your submissions expedited, please explain why in your submission. Also, for new VSP submissions, please fill out the attached checklist, as that will help expedite your submission. We receive many of these requests on a daily basis and will do our best to help you in any way we can.


Your local OCMI can check the status of your submission, so please contact them if you have any questions on the status. Also, please see our attached FAQs.

Helpful Documents: