Captain Daniel H. Cost

Commanding Officer

U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Center

Captain Cost serves as the Coast Guard’s lead technical authority for commercial regulation and promotes maritime safety and environmental protection through the engineering review and approval…read more

The Marine Safety Center (MSC) supports the people and objectives of the Marine Safety, Security, and Environmental Protection programs through the verification of compliance with technical standards for the design, construction, alteration and repair of commercial vessels. The MSC is an independent Headquarters command that was established in 1986 by consolidating the Coast Guard Merchant Marine Technical offices located in New York, New Orleans, Cleveland and San Francisco. The MSC's primary mission is the review and approval of plans for the design, construction, alteration and repair of U.S. and foreign flag commercial vessels subject to the U.S. laws, regulations and international standards. The MSC has a current complement of 32 Officers, 31 Civilians, and 5 Contract Employees.

Last Modified: 10/26/2017