Welcome to the USCG Marine Safety Lab Website!

We've moved to a new physical location at...

1 Chelsea Street
New London, CT 06320

Our new telephone number is (860) 271-2704. Please see our Contacts page for a more detailed list of phone numbers.

MSL duty email: Please use this email to contact MSL personnel.

The U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Laboratory (MSL) provides forensic oil analysis and expert testimony in support of the oil pollution law enforcement efforts for Marine Investigators, Districts, Hearing Officers, National Pollution Funds Center, Department of Justice, and other federal agencies. MSL is the Coast Guard's sole facility for performing forensic oil analysis.

The objectives of this web page are to assist individuals in the collection, packaging and shipping of samples to the Laboratory as well as contacting the MSL in the event that questions arise. Additionally we hope to inform you as to the services and analysis times the MSL is capable of providing.


Our vision of what we, as a team, have and will continue to achieve at the MSL is as follows:

  • To provide the best forensic support for Coast Guard oil pollution law enforcement.

  • To provide support to Coast Guard Sectors, District offices, National Pollution Funds Center (NPFC), Department of Justice and other government agencies to enforce, prosecute and collect monetary assessments for the violation of oil spill laws.

  • To continue finding new ways to enhance oil spill sampling and improve the forensic process.

 Last Modified: 6/26/2017