The goal at MSL is to complete each analysis as soon as possible after receipt of the samples while maintaining high quality standards. MSL will strive to meet the response time you require for a particular case.

The Letter of Request must indicate if Rush or Priority analysis is required. The analysis time for each individual MSL case is directly related to the number of samples and nature of the case. Unusual circumstances may require an immediate response. MSL can expedite analysis and pass results to the requesting unit via FAX, e-mail, or telephone conversation. Again, the Letter of Request should state the method of notification and point of contact for these results.

Arrangements for such expedited analyses must be made with MSL prior to the shipment of the samples. Telephone MSL with details of the case and include the number of samples and the tracking number or airway bill. MSL's normal business hours are M-F 0730-1600. In case of an emergency outside of these hours please do not hesitate to contact the MSL's Mobile Phone at (860) 912-8022.

Guidelines for RUSH and PRIORITY cases are as follows:
Rush analysis is justified if

  1. A vessel is detained, or
  2. Extreme public interest/media coverage has been generated on a substantial spill.

Priority is justified if

  1. A large expenditure of the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund to cleanup or abate a threat to the environment has been made, or
  2. A potential responsible party questions the extent of the spilled oil.

NOTE: MSL can show a potential link between the original spill and the remaining spill.

These are not the only reasons units may request RUSH or PRIORITY analysis, but units should use discretion when making this request. Unless otherwise noted, all other MSL cases will be run as "regular" analysis.

Last Modified: 6/26/2017