CG 711 LogoAssistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7)

Office of Aviation Forces (CG-711)

The Fixed-Wing & Sensors division (CG-7113) manages all operational Coast Guard aviation fixed-wing platforms and sensor integration projects. From the HC-130H upgrades and HC-130J fleet introductions, to the HU-25 retirements and the HC-144A integration, "dash three" manages the fixed-wing assets.

The Coast Guard’s premiere long-range surveillance aircraft. Five currently operate from Air Station Elizabeth City, with plans for replacement of the aging HC-130H fleet.

HC 130HThe workhorse of the entire U.S. military, the C-130 Hercules serves the Coast Guard as an all purpose support craft, and is stationed at many USCG air stations with a variety of configurations for accomplishing multiple missions. It's main uses are search and rescue, cargo, and passenger transportation.
A newly acquired (still being fielded) maritime patrol aircraft, the Spartan is being introduced to the Coast Guard as part of a deal to increase Forest Fire Fighting capacity by transferring HC-130H aircraft to the U.S. Forest Service.  The Spartan will fly reconnaissance for Coast Guard lifesaving and interdiction missions.

A newly acquired maritime patrol aircraft, the Ocean Sentry will fly reconnaissance for Coast Guard lifesaving and interdiction missions, replacing the aging  HU-25 fleet.

The Office of Aviation Forces section dedicated to the developing Sensor program and the Command, Control, Communications and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance initiative.
CG-01 (Gulfstream)
The Coast Guard's long range command and control aircraft (LRCCA), used for transporting top ranking officials and conducting Coast Guard business internationally.