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 Dec 20th
Today we posted a video reflecting on the year that the LGC NCOE had while thanking the industry and Coast Guard partners that helped make this a safe and successful year.  Although not in our typical format, it is definitely in keeping with the fun spirit of our LGC NCOE Team.  We hope you enjoy the video:  LGC NCOE Holiday Message 
 Nov 7th On Nov 7th, the LGC NCOE posted the LGC NCOE Job Aid 11-2018 Ship to Ship (STS) LNG Bunkering Job Aid. You can access the LNG STS Bunkering Job Aid, and more Bunkering related information, from the Liquefied Gas Bunkering main menu.
 Nov 4th
On Nov 2nd, the LGC NCOE posted another lecture presentation on Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas where we discuss electrical data plate identification and examples of marine deficiencies found during Coast Guard examinations. You can access the video, and more like it, from Liquefied Gas Carriers >> Carrier Video Based Training.
 Oct 25th On Oct 25th, the LGC NCOE posted another lecture presentation where we provide a very basic analogy as we explain how LNG as fuel is used in a marine engine compared to an automobile engine; and we touch on low and high pressure LNG fuel systems.  You can access the video, and more like it, from Liquefied Gas as Fuel >> Fuel Video Based Training.
 Oct 11th

On Oct 2nd, Rear Admiral Nadeau, Assistant Commandant, Prevention Policy, signed change three to NVIC 02-95, Alternate Compliance Program.

The primary purpose of this change is to align the ACP with applicable International Maritime Organization(IMO) instruments, including the provisions of the International Code for Recognized Organizations (RO Code). The RO Code became effective on January 1, 2015, and serves as an international standard and consolidated instrument containing minimum criteria against which organizations are assessed towards authorization and oversight guidelines by flag States.

You can find NVIC 02-95 Change 3 revision to the Alternate Compliance Program on our website under Liquefied Gas as Fuel >> Alerts, Policy, Regs

 Sep 18th

On Sept 17th, the LGC NCOE went live with the publication of Gas Carrier and LNG as Fuel Video Based Training intended for Marine Inspectors.  Though in its infancy, it provides standardized online training for marine inspectors and is always available at the convenience of the trainee.

Gas Carrier and LNG as Fuel Video Based Training can be accessed from the respective main menu.