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Liquefied Gas Carrier Accelerated Program (LGCAP)

DATES: Dates for upcoming LGCAP training sessions can be found at the Event Calendar link.

PRERQUISITES for selection:

1) Active or Reserve U.S. Coast Guard member
2) Attended Gas Carrier Inspector course (2014 or later) including all prerequisites
3) Have already secured Unit Funding
4) Command must fully support your absence from the unit, no early departures from LGCAP.
5) Enthusiastic and driven to complete the FGCE certification
6) *** Receive notification of selection by the NCOE. ***

The purpose of LGCAP is to deliver an almost instant return on the supporting unit’s investment. We intend to send U.S. Coast Guard vessel inspectors back to their unit with the knowledge, experience and tools needed to immediately enter the field to conduct foreign gas carrier exams.

The LGCAP is designed to bring 6 members at a time to the LGC NCOE for 3-4 weeks to receive specialized, targeted classroom training and OJT. Members work with National Verifying Officers to gain knowledge and experience on both LPG and LNG vessels.

They will also have an opportunity to complete the indoctrination portion of the PQS at a liquefied gas facility. We expect that most members should be able to complete 100% of their FGCE PQS by the end of the 3rd week.


WEEK 4: The 4th week is reserved for those members that successfully completed their PQS and would like to complete a check ride and certification board before returning to their unit. This is prearranged with the unit and LGC NCOE.



Priority 1: Member meets the above prerequisites.

Priority 2: Unit need - Units experiencing increased gas carrier traffic will be considered a higher priority

Priority 3: Availability for training and experience at the supporting unit - Units with lower availability for training and/or Verifying Officers will be considered a higher priority

Priority 4: Member’s gas carrier experience - The LGCAP is targeting members seeking FGCE certification; current FGCE certified members are considered a lower priority.


Download the Example LGCAP Schedule HERE.


Download the 1902 LGCAP Information sheet HERE: