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Liquefied Gas as Fuel Training and Inspection Job Aids  

Updated on:  10 Mar 2023

The U.S Coast Guard use a system known as Performance and Qualification Standard (PQS) to train members.  Here you will find the PQS workbooks which are addendums to existing qualifications. 

You will also find the U.S. Coast Guard On the Job Training (OJT) checklist to examine the fuel systems on Low Flashpoint Fuel (LFF) powered vessels.  The Inspection Job Aid is an excellent resource for vessel owners / operators as the Job Aid provides expectations of what might be inspected during a low flashpoint fuel exam in the U.S.

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Foreign:  addendum to the foreign Port State Control Examiner (PSCE) qualification for Low Flashpoint Fuel. 

Port State Control Low Flashpoint Fuel [PQS] Training Addendum (LFFA)   (Version: December 2021)

Port State Control Low Flashpoint Fuel Inspection Job Aid   (Version: December 2021)

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Domestic: addendum to the domestic Machinery Inspector (MI) qualification for Low Flashpoint Fuel.

Note:  This release will likely see rapid updates as the document is vetted by marine inspectors.  Please email Scott Mercurio with any questions about the PQS.

Domestic Low Flashpoint Fuel [PQS] Training Addendum (LFFMI)   (Version: February 2023)

Domestic Low Flashpoint Fuel Inspection Job Aid (LFFMI)   (Version: February 2023)

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Domestic Construction: 

We have added the following links / documents to assist with construction projects.

CVC-4 is the primary source of information for the Alternate Complican Program (ACP). More information from CVC-4, about ACP, can be found on their website.

Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP):  The ACP TTP (Change 3) - Dec 2019 consolidates, updates, and standardizes guidance for United States Coast Guard (USCG) personnel conducting Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) examinations.  Project Managers, both USCG and Industry Representatives, should consider scheduling a time where interested parties walk through the TTP page-by-page together to discuss key information.

Project Issue Register / Tracker:  The Project Issue Register, a downloadable excel sheet, is provided for an example of what a Project Manager might want to use to keep track of any issues of concern.  This is not a "Coast Guard Job Aid", it is simply an example of what the Project Manager might want to use; modify the document as you see fit.

Domestic Vessel Commissioning Job Aid:  This document to assist users by drawing attention, in the form of a check list, to IGF Code items.  This list does not limit applicable regulatory requirements.  This list is a living document and will continue to be updated as needed; check back regularly.

* Additional resources, available only to UCSG Marine inspectors, can be found on the internal CVC-4 Sharepoint website.