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Gas Carrier Ship Rider Program

The Advanced Liquefied Gas Carrier (LGC) Ship Rider Program is designed to facilitate professional exchange opportunities for Coast Guard personnel assigned to Sectors and Marine Safety Units responsible for examining Liquefied Gas Carriers. 

In general, only Foreign Gas Carrier Examiners who have attended the Coast Guard's Gas Carrier Inspector course and who are stationed at Sectors and Marine Safety Units with responsibilities for Liquefied Gas Carriers will be allowed to participate in the Advanced LGC Ship Rider Program. 

Please review the Advanced Liquefied Gas Ship Rider Program Field Notice if you are interested in participating the in the Ship Rider program to understand the objectives, scope, and responsibilities of all involved Coast Guard personnel. 

If you have more questions, after reviewing the Field Notice above, then contact our Detachment Chief or Mr. Joseph Brown respectively.  Please copy (CC) your request to lgcncoe@uscg.mil.

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