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Liquefied Gas as Fuel Workshop

DATES: Dates for upcoming LNG as Fuel Workshop can be found at the Event Calendar link.

Seats available: 20

Prerequisites: Assigned in a Marine Inspector billet

Priority 1: Marine Inspectors with LNG fueled vessels operating or under construction in, or soon to be in, their fleet of responsibility.

Priority 2: Marine Inspectors at a FGCE sustainable feeder port, Sector Anchorage, MSU Lake Charles or MSU Savanah etc. or where there is potential for gas as fuel vessels to operate.

Priority 3: Marine Inspectors or Apprentice Marine Inspectors at a feeder port where the FGCE qualification is attainable.

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The purpose of the LNG as Fuel Workshop is to conduct a professional exchange of information with USCG Marine Inspectors. 

Presentations will be provided by both Coast Guard and Industry Representatives.  Presentations will include Fire Fighting, Defining Hazardous Zones, Electrical Installations in Hazardous Zones, Bunkering Operations, Bunkering Inspection, Type-C Tank Construction, Risk Assessment, Plan Review from CG-MSC, Regulatory History and Application from CG-ENG,  LNG as Fuel Components and Operation, LNG as Fuel Inspection Items.

The 2019 Workshop is scheduled for three days of classroom, one day of firefighting, one full day touring an LNG Fueled vessel.

The 2019 Workshop is scheduled to have a live LNG demonstration provided by Pivotal LNG.