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Inspection Job Aids

The following Job Aids pertain to units and vessels that work on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf. Job Aids replaced the replaced the legacy CG-840 Books and can be a valuable tool for owners and operators to maintain regulatory compliance on their units or vessels.

Note: Job Aids are developed for use by the CG Marine Inspector, following internal CG procedures, and are provided as a convenience (and transparency) to industry. The Pre-Inspection/Pre-Exam and Follow-Up sections mainly pertain to administrative tasks of the Marine Inspector. While "if applicable" is NOT annotated within the Job Aid, there are inspection/exam items listed that may not apply to a particular unit or vessel.

Drilling & Production Units:
  ●  Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs)
U.S. Flag & Foreign Flagged "Option A": standard (full-size) format or booklet.
Foreign Flagged "Option C": standard format or booklet.
  ●  Floating OCS Facilities: standard format or booklet.
  ●  Fixed OCS Facilities: standard format or booklet.

Support Vessels:
  ●  Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs and Liftboats, Subchapters L & I): standard format or booklet.
  ●  Crew Boats (Subchapter T Small Passenger Vessels servicing the offshore oil, mineral and energy industries): booklet.

Note: Additional Job Aids and Marine Inspector Performance Qualification Standards (PQS) are available on CVC's MI Resources page.