OCSNCOE Unit Emblem (silhouettes of a self-elevating MODU, an OSV and an offshore wind turbine over a silhouette of the United States with the U.S. Coast Guard mark (i.e., racing stripe) in the background).Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCSNCOE)

JACK ST. MALO during offshore construction with attending OSV and Floatel VICTORY. C-ENFORCER underway with water cannons flowing. SEVAN LOUISIANA underway when initially entering the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Platform GINA off the California coast. Block Island windfarm with attending CTV. SPARTAN 151 dockside in Seward, AK.



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About the OCSNCOE

The Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCSNCOE) is based in Houma, LA and is the repository of Coast Guard expertise and best practices on Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) activities. Like other inspections NCOEs, the OCSNCOE reports to the Chief of the Traveling Inspection Staff (CG-5P-TI) and is focused on raising the competency, capabilities and consistency of Coast Guard inspection/examination and oversight in our area of focus: OCS activities and the various types of units and vessels that conduct and support those activities.

The OCSNCOE is poised to provide training and mission support to the Coast Guard, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the offshore industry (drilling, production and support vessels). These responsibilities are carried out by regular communication and interaction with industry groups and operators, Coast Guard inspectors/investigators at units involved with OCS-related activities, Coast Guard Headquarters offices and the Force Readiness Command (FORCECOM).

Our unit consists of 6 members (3 active duty and 3 civilian) that are further discussed on our staff page. We are supported by a civilian Training Specialist, Mr. David Porco, who is a detached-duty member of the CG-5P-TI Training Support Staff (tss) located at Training Center Yorktown. He works with the OCSNCOE on all training/workforce development-related products.

Collectively, current members have advanced degrees in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and over 20 years of OCS-related merchant marine experience. Additionally, the team has over 50 years of marine inspection experience, including 20+ years with Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and Production Facilities.

Contact Information

Address: Telephone: Group email:
425 Lafayette St, Ste 126
Houma, LA 70360-4800
(985) 850-6465
(monitored shared mailbox)