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Floating OCS Facility FAQs

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Portions of 33 CFR Subchapter N, Parts 140 thru 147;

46 CFR Subchapter I-A, Parts 107 (Subpart C, Plan Approval, §107.301 thru §107.317 only) and 108 (Design and Equipment);
46 CFR Subchapter F;
46 CFR Subchapter J; and
46 CFR Subchapter S (Parts relating to 'general' stability requirements and MODUs)

Specific applicability statements within each Subchapter must be reviewed to ensure the regulations listed will apply.

Subchapter I-A: 33 CFR 143.120(c) > 46 CFR 107 Subpart C; 33 CFR 143.120(b) > 46 CFR 108
Subchapter F: 33 CFR 143.120(b) > 46 CFR Subchapter F
Subchapter J: 33 CFR 143.120(b) > 46 CFR Subchapter J
Subchapter S: 33 CFR 143.120(b) > 46 CFR 108.301 > 46 CFR Subchapter S

Yes. While the required contents of the MOM are detailed under 46 CFR 109.121, the manual is required under 46 CFR 107.305(ii). The 'path' to the MOM is 33 CFR 143.120(a) > 46 CFR 107.305(ii). §107.305(ii) refers out to §109.121 as a way not to print the same requirements in two Parts of the CFR.