CG 711 LogoAssistant Commandant for Capability (CG-7)

Office of Aviation Forces (CG-711)

The Rotary Wing & Special Missions division (CG-7112) manages all operational Coast Guard Aviation helicopter platforms and Aviation Special Missions. From innovations in unmanned aircraft to the age-old rescue swimmer program, this division of 711 is responsible for some of the most unique aspects of Coast Guard aviation.
The mainstay of the Coast Guard's rotary wing fleet, the Dolphin has been with the Coast Guard since the early 1980's.  It conducts all the bread-and-butter Coast Guard helicopter operations: SAR, port patrol, maritime investigation and interdiction.
MH 60T JayhawkThe MH-60T is a derivative of the Army's Blackhawk based on the Navy's SH-60F airframe. Initially incorporated into the Coast Guard in 1990, the MH-60T is a workhorse for SAR missions, routine patrols and Homeland Security.
A blanket program to cover all non-standard and special use aviation missions and activities.  Currently synonymous with the Aviation Use of Force or Armed Helicopter initiatives.
Rescue SwimmerThe Rescue Swimmer program manager oversees the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer operational program.