OCSNCOE Unit Emblem (silhouettes of a self-elevating MODU, an OSV and an offshore wind turbine over a silhouette of the United States with the U.S. Coast Guard mark (i.e., racing stripe) in the background).Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise (OCSNCOE)

JACK ST. MALO during offshore construction with attending OSV and Floatel VICTORY. C-ENFORCER underway with water cannons flowing. SEVAN LOUISIANA underway when initially entering the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Platform GINA off the California coast. Block Island windfarm with attending CTV. SPARTAN 151 dockside in Seward, AK.



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Fixed OCS Facilities (Fixed Platforms)

fixed OCS facility, as defined in 33 CFR 140.10, is "a bottom founded OCS facility permanently attached to the seabed or subsoil of the OCS, including platforms, guyed towers, articulated gravity platforms, and other structures." [emphasis added]

Additional 33 CFR 140.10 definitions pertaining to the type of facility that also apply to a fixed OCS facilities include OCS facilitymanned facility, manned platformunit, unmanned facility and unmanned platform.

Please use the menu to the left or the links provided below to learn about fixed OCS facilities, commonly referred to as fixed platforms, and the U.S. Coast Guard oversight of these facilities:

  ○ Types of Fixed OCS Facilities

  ○ Regulations, Policy and Guidance applicable to fixed platforms

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