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Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas Video Based Training - (LGC TV)Mr. Scott Mercurio

Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas Training is intended for, and published for, the Marine Inspector.  We currently have short lectures available and will develop technical training episodes as we move forward.

Take a moment and scan though this linked document, written by Bill Rankin - Electrical Engineer / Senior Electrical Inspector, to learn about the Typical Faults, Section 11, you may find during your inspection:  

Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas:  Field Inspections  

Hazardous Area Electrical Installations have been, and continue to be, a common deficiency found aboard foreign gas carriers and domestic low flashpoint fueled vessels.  The Liquefied Gas Carrier National Center of Expertise created this special channel on LGCTV specifically for Hazardous Area Electrical Installations to increase Marine Inspector knowledge of equipment installation, maintenance, and administrative requirements.  Increased Marine Inspector knowledge will assist Ship Builders, Owners, Operators and Crew with understanding the importance of Hazardous Area Electrical Installations; and ultimately help save time and money, all while increasing safety.


IECEx Certificates, Reports, Competency Finder:    www.iecex-certs.com
Find certificates for equipment and certificates of those responsible for Executive Function, Installation, and Maintenance by searching the IECEx database for what you need.
Hazardous Area Equipment List:  SAMPLE:  Hazardous Area Equipment List - Verification Dossier  
Use the above linked Hazardous Area Equipment List spreadsheet to speed regulatory review and better insure you have the right hazardous area equipment for your installation.


Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas Lecture Training

      Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas
9 min lecture presentation on electrical data plate identification and examples of marine deficiencies found during Coast Guard examinations.
Recorded: 02 Nov 2018
      Understanding IECEx 
7 min narrated/animated presentation providing an explanation how IECEx is the IEC System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres.
Published: 26 Mar 2021
    Preventing Gas Explosions 
5 min narrated/animated doodle presentation providing a basic foundation on hazardous location protection techniques for electrical equipment.
Published: 27 Oct 2020
    IECEx International Certification System
5 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining how hazardous location equipment is certified under the international IECEx certification process; and shows you how to verify an item is certified on the IECEx website.
Published: 18 Nov 2020
    Interpreting Hazardous Locations Markings for IECEx Equipment
7 min narrated/animated doodle providing a very well-thought-out presentation explaining how to interpret / read complex, and sometimes confusing, markings on hazardous area equipment installation.
Published: 25 Feb 2021
    Ex i - Protection Technique (Intrinsically Safety)
7 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining the Basic Principles of an Intrinsically Safe System, three Components of an Intrinsically Safe System, and How the Components work Together.
Published: 05 Feb 2021
    Ex i - Importance of Grounding in Intrinsically Safe Systems
2 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining how the Zener barrier earth must provide a secure, robust, low-resistance path back to the source of supply for any fault currents which flow. 
Published: 13 Sep 2022
    Ex d - Explosionproof vs Flameproof Protection Technique - Hazardous Areas
2 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining the difference between the protection techniques that contain the explosion: “explosionproof” and “flameproof” (Ex d). 
Published: 12 Jan 2023
    Ex d - Pressure Piling - Hazardous Areas
4 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining the phenomenon called "Pressure Piling" (Ex d). 
Published: 17 Apr 2021
    Ex d - Explosion Proof Demonstration Test - Hazardous Areas
2 min narrated demonstration video showing the viewer what can happen if EX d equipment has a damaged flame path (flange). 
Published: 22 Aug 2012
    Ex d - Explosion Proof Demonstration Test - Hazardous Areas
1 min narrated/animated and live demonstration video showing the viewer what can happen if Ex d equipment is improperly installed without all the fasteners (bolts). 
Published: 22 Apr 2020
    Ex e - Protection Technique (Increased Safety)
4 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining the protection technique Increased Safety (Ex e). 
Published: 12 Jan 2023
    Ex p - Protection Technique (Purging and Pressurization Safety)
4 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining the protection technique Purging and Pressurization Safety (Ex p). 
Published: 09 Feb 2023
    Temperature Class and Auto-Ignition Temperature
3 min narrated/animated doodle presentation explaining the definitions of Temperature Class (T-Class), auto-ignition temperature of explosive gases and how temperature class plays a significant role in the safe installation of electrical devices.
Published: 08 Dec 2020
    IEC Hazardous Location Overview
12 min narrated/animated presentation on combustion fundamentals, fire and explosive requirements, explosive limits, auto ignition and flash points, and more.
Published: 22 Feb 2014
  ExD Explosion Test
2 min narrated demonstration on flameproof ExD enclosure.
Published: 22 Aug 2012