Email submittals are welcome and must be sent msc@uscg.mil. The MSC strives to respond to all plan review and tonnage submissions within 30 calendar days of receipt, or within 14 calendar days of receipt for plans submitted under the provisions of NVIC 10-92. There is a 30 MB file size limit on such submissions, although occasionally submissions with file sizes approaching this limit have been also rejected by the Marine Safety Center’s (MSC’s) email server. In addition, emails with subject lines exceeding 250 characters will not be processed by our electronic submission and tracking system. Please note that as of April 1, 2016, we are unable to receive emails containing .zip file attachments. Neither the sender nor our office will be notified that delivery failed.

If you do not receive a confirmation email indicating that submission has been processed, or you receive multiple notifications that your submittal has been rejected by the MSC’s email server, please contact the MSC staff engineer assigned to the project if known, or contact the MSC’s main phone number at (202) 795-6729 for assistance.

For files sizes above 30 MB and less than 8 GB, please use the DoD Secure Access File Exchange. Note that the procedures for this service are different than with AMRDEC; files may only be uploaded in response to a request received from the service. To receive a request, please send an email to the point of contact for an ongoing project, or to msc@uscg.mil for a new submission. To assist our system's automatic processing of your emails, please do not check the box to enable encryption.


Commanding Officer (MSC)
Attn: Marine Safety Center
US Coast Guard Stop 7430
2703 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE
Washington, DC 20593-7430


Main (202) 795-6729
Commanding Officer (202) 795-6725
Executive Officer (202) 795-6726
SERT Duty Phone (202) 327-3985
Hull Division Chief (202) 795-6790
Small Vessel Branch Chief (202) 795-6734
Major Vessel Branch Chief (202) 795-6746
Engineering Division Chief (202) 795-6755
Machinery Branch Chief (202) 795-6754
Electrical Branch Chief (202) 795-6733
Tank Vessel and Offshore Division Chief (202) 795-6772
Vessel and Cargo Branch Chief (202) 795-6778
Outer Continental Shelf Branch Chief (202) 795-6773
Tonnage Division Chief (202) 795-6786
Tonnage Oversight Manager (202) 795-6789
Tonnage Policy Manager (202) 795-6786
Vessel Security Division Chief (202) 795-6773
Oversight Administrator (202) 795-6772
Oversight Coordinator (202) 795-6740


The Marine Safety Center uses support contractor personnel to assist with the processing and evaluation of plans, drawings and supporting calculations for certain electrical and vessel security plans submitted to the MSC for approval. Only MSC Government employees are authorized to approve the plans and drawings. The use of support contractor personnel is essential for MSC to expedite technical review and approval of the drawings and supporting calculations.

The Marine Safety Center takes the security and protection of submitters’ information seriously. The Coast Guard has a non-disclosure agreement with the support contractor that requires them to take all reasonable steps to protect the information against any unauthorized release or disclosure and prohibits support contractor personnel from using or releasing any submitted information. The clause also advises the support contractor that a breach of its obligations or restrictions may subject the contractor to criminal, civil, administrative, and contractual actions in law and equity for penalties, damages, and other appropriate remedies by the United States and civil actions for damages and other appropriate remedies by the party submitting the data. The support contractor also must ensure that its employees are subject to internal use and non-disclosure obligations prior to the employees being provided access to or use of any of the submitters’ data. The plans, drawings and information submitted will only be accessed and used for the sole purpose of furnishing independent and impartial technical evaluation directly to the Government in support of the Government’s management and oversight of the Marine Safety program. All submitted information is maintained and accessed through the Marine Safety Center’s information management system.

In spite of these significant protections, if a submitter has remaining concerns about the Marine Safety Center’s use of support contractors for the review of electrical or vessel security plans, the submitter should communicate these concerns in writing either with their initial submission and request other alternatives available to process the submission (e.g. a specific non-disclosure agreement.) Unless a submitter notifies the Marine Safety Center of its concerns in writing within 5 days of the submission, the Coast Guard will consider this as consent to have support contractor personnel review the electrical and vessel security plans, drawings and calculations.

Last Modified: 10/26/2017