U.S. Tonnage Publications

Tonnage Regulations (46 CFR Part 69)
2016 (Current) Tonnage Regulations
2014 Tonnage Regulations
Tonnage Regulations - Final Rule
Tonnage Regulations - Notice for Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)

Marine Safety Center Technical Notes (MTNs)
MTN 01-98 CH-13 - Tonnage Administrative Policy
MTN 01-99 CH-10 - Tonnage Technical Policy
MTN 04-03 CH-4 - Technical Support and Oversight of Authorized Classification Societies
MTN 04-03 CH-3 Enclosure (1) - ACS Notification Worksheet

Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVICs)
NVIC 11-93 CH-3- Applicability of Tonnage Measurement Systems to U.S. Flag Vessels

IMO Tonnage Rules and Interpretations (TM Convention)
TM Convention - Draft Text Version With Figures

Marine Safety Center Tonnage Guides
Tonnage Guide 1 - Simplified Measurement
Tonnage Guide 2 - Measurement of Navy and Coast Guard Vessels
Tonnage Guide 3 - Tonnage Measurement Records
Tonnage Guide 4 - Registered Dimensions Under Formal Systems
Tonnage Guide 5 - Documentation and Tonnage of Smaller Commercial Vessels
Tonnage Guide 5 - Appendix (8.5"x11" Brochure)  (11"x17" Brochure) 

Marine Safety Center Tonnage Work Instructions

WI C3-01 - Processing Tonnage File Requests

WI C3-02 - Generating Calculations and Certificates With TonCalc

WI.C3-03 - Tonnage Certification of Navy and Coast Guard Vessels

WI C3-04 - Tonnage Oversight Review 
Attachment 1 to WI C3-04 - Administrative Review
Attachment 2 to WI C3-04 - Convention Tonnage Review
Attachment 3 to WI C3-04 - Principal Dimensions Review
Attachment 4 to WI C3-04 - Regulatory Tonnage Review


Miscellaneous Tonnage Documents
Formal Measurement Application
Measurement Organization Informational Notes for 10Jun2022 (latest addition)
Measurement Organization Informational Notes

CG Number Requests - How-to Video 


Historical Marine Safety Center Technical Notes (MTNs)

MTN 01-99 CH-9
MTN 01-99 CH-8
MTN 01-99 CH-7
MTN 01-99 CH-6
MTN 01-99 CH-5
MTN 01-99 CH-4
MTN 01-99 CH-3
MTN 01-99 CH-2
MTN 01-99 CH-1
MTN 01-99
MTN 01-98 CH-12
MTN 01-98 CH-11
MTN 01-98 CH-10
MTN 01-98 CH-9
MTN 01-98 CH-8
MTN 01-98 CH-7
MTN 01-98 CH-6
MTN 01-98 CH-5
MTN 01-98 CH-4
MTN 01-98 CH-3
MTN 01-98 CH-2
MTN 01-98 CH-1
MTN 01-98 CH-0

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