Main Phone Number: (270) 444-7715 (0800-1600)
FAX Number: (270) 444-8094

General email:

Mailing address:

Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise
504 Broadway St.
Suite 101
Paducah, KY  42001

LCDR Terri Parris  Supervisor Bio   (270) 444-7715 ext 201  email
Vacant  National Technical Advisor      
Mr. Jim Van Wormer  Technical Advisor East Bio  (270) 444-7715 ext 203  email
Mr. Steven Douglass  Technical Advisor Mid-West Bio  (270) 444-7715 ext 205  email
Mr. Dave Phillips  Technical Advisor Gulf Bio  (270) 444-7715 ext 204  email
CWO4 David Rogers  Technical Advisor Bio  (270) 444-7715 ext 207  email
Mr. Harold Belt Technical Advisor West Bio (270) 444-7715 ext 206 email
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For Coast Guard Area, District or Sector information see Coast Guard Towing Vessel Contact Information.