Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance(CG-CVC)

CG-CVC Mission Management System

MMS Forms

Serial Number Title Category Issue Date Revision Date
CVC-FM-003(2) ITV International Addendum Towing Vessels 08 June 18 20 June 18
CVC-FM-004(1) ITV Vessel Particulars Towing Vessels 08 June 18 N/A

MMS Work Instructions

Serial Number Title Category Issue Date Revision Date
CVC-WI-003(1) USCG Oversight of Safety Management Systems on U.S. Flag Vessels Domestic Inspection Program 23MAR18 N/A
CVC-WI-004(1) U.S. Flag Interpretations on the ISM Code Domestic Inspection Program 16APR18 N/A
CVC-WI-005(1) Request For Recognized Organization Internal Quality Management System Review - "Quality Case" Domestic Inspection Program 23MAY18 N/A
CVC-WI-010(1) OCMI Guidance on Special Consideration for 46 CFR Subchapter M Vessels Inspected Towing Vessel Program 02OCT18 N/A
CVC-WI-013(2) Initial Towing Vessel COI Inspection under TSMS Option Domestic Inspection Program 06SEP18 18SEP8
CVC-WI-014(1) Exercise of Enforcement Discretion with regard to MARPOL Annex VI Regulation MARPOL Annex VI 17OCT18 N/A