The Port State Information eXchange (PSIX) is an underutilized tool available to marine operators. If owners or operators have vessel specific questions, we encourage you to take a look at PSIX. The Port State Information eXchange (PSIX) system contains vessel specific information derived from the United States Coast Guard’s Marine Information Safety and Law Enforcement System (MISLE). The information contained in PSIX represents a weekly snapshot of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) data on U.S. flag vessels, foreign vessels operating in U.S. waters, and Coast Guard contacts with those vessels. Information on unclosed cases or cases pending further action is considered privileged information and is not displayed in the PSIX system. For customers that would like to link information directly from PSIX to their respective websites, PSIX supports eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Information concerning PSIX XML functionality can be found at:

PSIX also contains information about Coast Guard approved equipment, accepted laboratories, and liferaft servicing facilities via direct link to the Coast Guard Maritime Information Exchange (CGMIX) website.

PSIX Vessel Search:

List of Flag State Detentions

Official Number/IMO Number Vessel Name
June 2023
May 2023
265184 VULCAN
1091215 OSPREY
654894 ENHYDRA
549231 CALUMET
1161422 CHASE-N-FINS
April 2023
March 2023
February 2023
1243129 GREEN COVE
January 2023
1307018 DARIEN K
* Formal appeal under review in accordance with 46 CFR Subpart 1.03 - Rights of Appeal --> §1.03-15(h)(1)



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2022 Flag State Detentions pdf
2021 Flag State Detentions pdf


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