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Domestic & Offshore Compliance (CG-CVC-1)

D8 Policy Letters

Number Subject
01-17 Means Of Escape On Fixed Platforms
04-16 Lifesaving Inspection And Emergency Evacuation Drills On Manned Facilities (Including Mobile Offshore Drilling Units) On The Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)
03-16 Interim Coast Guard Eighth District Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Risk-Based Inspection Resource Allocation Methodology
02-16 Structural Integrity Management (SIM) Program As An Alternative Hull Inspection For Floating Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facilities
01-15 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) Approvals
01-14 Guidance On Post-Hurricane Inspection Requirements For Floating Offshore Production Facilities
06-04 Guardrails and Storm Rail Requirements for Floating Offshore Installations (FOIs)
05-04 Use of Hose Reels with Non-Collapsible Hard-Rubber Fire Hoses on Floating Offshore Supply Installations
03-04 In-Service Inspection Prog (ISIP) for Floating Facilities in OCS
02-04 Foreign Crewmembers Working on board OSVs
05-03 Means of Escape on Manned and Unmanned Fixed Platforms
01-03 Dynamic Positioning (DP), Use of by Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs) for Oil and Hazmat Transfers
09-01 OSV, Multi-Service Certification
08-01 Licensing Requirements for Personnel on Non-Self Propelled Floating OCS Facilities
03-00 Manning of Non-Self Propelled Floating OCS Facilities (Replaced by 03-2000, 20 Oct 00)
99-19 MODU Lifeboat Gear Tests
99-18 Rescue Boats on Board OSVs
99-17 MODU Berthing Sizes
99-16 OSV Exemption From IMO Resolution A.673(16)
99-06 Lifeboat Releasing Gera Tests -- See 46 CFR 109.301
98-31 Rescue Boat Requirements on OSVs
98-26 OCS Facility Casualty Notification
98-21 Persons Allowed on Lifeboats
98-14 Service Inspection Plans
98-12 Lifeboat Releasing Gera Tests -- See 46 CFR 109.301
98-03 Sea Service Credit on Liftboats
97-20 Tankerman Requirements on OSVs
97-17 Manning Requirements for Non-Self Propelled MODUs --See MSM Vol III, Ch 16
97-14 ITC Tonnage Issues for OSVs
97-13 Transfer of Excess Fuel From Crew Boats
97-12 Route restrictions on Lifeboats
97-11 Coastwise Trade Determination
97-08 Classification Society Exams of MODU Structures
97-05 STCW Applicability to MODUs