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Port State Control Division (CG-CVC-2)

Targeted Ship Management


Located Below is the U.S. Coast Guard's list of ship managers (owners and operators) which have been associated with two or more IMO reportable detentions within the past twelve months. Operators are considered entities which have assumed the responsibility for all duties and responsibilities imposed by the International Safety Management Code. Placement on this list does not imply that all ships associated with the owner or operator are substandard.

The Coast Guard's Port State Control (PSC) program is designed to effectively direct its resources to those vessels which may pose greater risks to the marine transportation system. As a result, a vessel making a U.S. port call that is owned or operated by a person or entity that has been associated with a vessel subject to more than one IMO reportable detention within the last twelve months is a higher priority for a PSC examination than those which have not. It should be noted that the ship management companies associated with a vessel is only one of several factors considered by the U.S. Coast Guard in deciding whether to carry out a Port State Control examination.

Be advised that the Ship Management List is updated monthly.



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