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Port State Control Division (CG-CVC-2)

Coast Guard Recognized Security Organization (RSO) Targeting Guidelines

A Recognized Security Organization (RSO) is an organization with appropriate expertise in security matters and with appropriate knowledge of ship and port operations authorized to carry out an assessment, or a verification, or an approval or a certification activity, required by Chapter XI-2 or by part A of the ISPS Code. The Coast Guard reviews every major control action involving an ISPS-related detention, expulsion, of denial of entry and determines whether the actions or inaction of the RSO contributed to the control action. If so, the Coast Guard attributes the control action to the RSO. U.S. Coast Guard Foreign & Offshore Vessel Compliance Division (CG-CVC-2) makes this determination using the guidelines outlined in the document titled "Recognized Security Organization Filtering Guidelines for Security," attached to the right.

RSOs will be targeted based on their total number of related major control actions accumulated during the previous 12-month period as determined by USCG HQ. The list of targeted RSO's (see attachment) will be updated and posted on a monthly basis. RSO's have the ability to appeal the determination made by the Coast Guard Office of Vessel Activities concerning their association with a major control action using the process outlined in the Appeal Guidelines document attached to the right.

The following is the point distribution for RSO targeting based on the number of RSO-related major control actions within the past 12-months:


Currently Targeted Recognized Security Organizations

N/A - None at this time