Fire Safety Equipment Type Approval


The Lifesaving and Fire Safety Division (CG-ENG-4) administers the Coast Guard approval program in the areas of Structural Fire Protection, Fire Suppression Systems, and Fire Protection (Detection) Systems.  Approval guidance for the various types of fire safety equipment can be found:

The Coast Guard does not test materials or systems for approval but rather specifies the required test methods and minimum performance criteria for approval. Product testing must be performed by a Coast Guard Accepted or Recognized Independent Laboratory.

Please send the Submittal Package and other related information to For details, please see What to submit when corresponding with ENG-4 regarding equipment approvals/renewal. Submission of emails with file attachments above 10MB will not be received. For files over 10 MB, please contact us at We will send you a request to drop-off files at DoD SAFE (Secure Access File Exchange). 

Once the equipment has been approved by this office, it will receive Coast Guard Type Approval and a Certificate of Approval (COA). The COA will be issued for 5 years and will remain valid during that time period if the product meets the testing of the Quality Control Program.