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Liquefied Gas Carrier - 2nd Annual Class Society Surveyor Training/Information Exchange

DATES: Dates for the 2nd Annual Class Society Surveyor Training can be found at the Event Calendar link.

Seats available: 50


1) Be a liquefied gas Class or Flag State Surveyor or liquefied gas SME of a Class Society

The LGC NCOE conducted our first Surveyor Training/Information Exchange in 2017. The purpose of hosting the Training/Information Exchange is to conduct a professional exchange of information with our industry partners. We will share how the LGC NCOE interprets applicable Liquefied Gas Carrier regulations and how we apply them when conducting foreign gas carrier exams.

To better your experience, please bring the following three items with you:

1) Bring your electronic or printed copy of the USCG FGCE TTP found HERE (228 pages)
2) Bring your electronic or printed copy of the IGC Code (1993 Edition)
3) Bring your copy of the USCG Gas Carrier Inspector Student Guide found HERE (112 pages)
*** Item 3 has written exercise, you may find it more convenient to print, but it is not required.
Note: You can three hole punch the TTP, or some have found it nice to take the TTP to a document printing franchise where they can spiral bind books for a small fee ($10).

Again, to get the most of out the training, attendees should bring a copy of the three items above.


What to expect:

This is a  two day event. We added the additional day after receiving many comments.  In addition, we want to ensure there is time for more discussion back and forth, we want to share our experiences and we want to hear from you too.

There are group exercises after some of the lessons.

Below provides an idea of topics to be covered; subject to change.
Day One:

Lesson 1 -   Intro/LGC NCOE
Lesson 2 -   LNG General Overview
Lesson 3-1  Vessel Pre-Exam
Lesson 3-2  Docs/Pubs
Lesson 3-3  Instrumentation
Lesson 3-4  Health/Safety
Lesson 3-5  Cargo System

Day Two:

Lesson 3-6    Environmental Control Sys
Lesson 3-7    Lifesaving
Lesson 3-8    Electrical
Lesson 3-9    Cargo Area Vent/Air Lock
Lesson 3-10  Gas Fuel Supply
Lesson 3-11  Firefighting
Lesson 3-12  Post Exam              

Final Assessment