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Jun 11th LCDR William Hickey fleeted up from the National Technical Advisor (NTA) role and is now our new Detachment Chief.  Our previous Detachment Chief, LCDR Eric Hanson, departed and is headed to Sector Boston.
Nov 25th Today the LGC NCOE is proud to announce that the 2020 fall edition of the newsletter, “The Gas Gauge” is now available for your viewing pleasure. This year’s issue is divided into seven sections and covers a wide range of topics to include: LGC NCOE annual update, regulatory resources available for Coast Guard and the maritime community, our NCOE Community Spotlight, training tips, and LGC NCOE services, among others.

You may access our newsletter on the LGC NCOE’s website here: https://www.dco.uscg.mil/lgcncoe/newsletter/  

July 6th

Just out - the latest Marine Safety Alert 05-20.  It applies to all vessels with Hazardous Area Electrical Installations.

USCG Marine Safety Alert 05-20  Subject: Electrical Issues Spark Major Concern – Addressing Hazardous Area Electrical Installations Knowledge Gaps.
Narrative:  The purpose of this Safety Alert is to emphasize the importance of properly installed and maintained listed or certified safe electrical equipment in hazardous areas in order to reduce the risk of fire or explosion onboard vessels. The Coast Guard has seen a number of instances where there was a lack of knowledge in the marine industry as it relates to the installation, training, maintenance and inspection of these certified systems.

June 29th Today, LCDR William Hickey assumed the duties as our new National Technical Advisor. 
May 29th Today, LCDR Eric Hanson, our National Technical Advisor took over as our new Detachment Chief.
May 29th
Today LCDR Dallas Smith, our Detachment Chief, retired following 20 years of faith service.  LCDR Smith served several positions at the LGC NCOE over a span of 6 years from 2014 to 2020.  We wish him the very best as he progresses in the next chapter of careers.
May 29th
The LGC NCOE proudly announces the 2020 Foreign Gas Carrier Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (FGCE TTP) was just released.  You can find it at the Liquefied Gas Carrier menu option above.  Thank you to those who helped make the rewrite, corrections, and updates possible.
Feb 26th LGC NCOE posted is 25th Gas Carrier related episode of LGC TV:  an 8 minute lecture style presentation on Environmental Controls covering Inert Gas Systems (IGS), Nitrogen (N2) Gas Generating Systems, and Inert Gas/Nitrogen (N2) Storage; as discussed in the Foreign Gas Carrier Examiner TTP.  You can find it on the Carrier Video Based Training - LGC TV link.
Feb 12th LGC NCOE posted is 24th Gas Carrier related episode of LGC TV: an 8 minute lecture style presentation on cargo Temperature Indicating Devices, Pressure Monitoring Devices, and Overflow Control as discussed in the Foreign Gas Carrier Examiner TTP.  You can find it on the Carrier Video Based Training - LGC TV link.
Jan 22nd The Gas Carrier Emergency Shutdown System episode just posted on LGC TV.  You can find it on the Carrier Video Based Training - LGC TV link.
Jan 09th An updated version of the ACP TTP has been released; Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP)  The ACP TTP (Change 3) - Dec 2019 consolidates, updates, and standardizes guidance for United States Coast Guard (USCG) personnel conducting Alternate Compliance Program (ACP) examinations. 
Dec 30th Take a look at Crew Training.  The most recent episode on LGC TV.  You can find it on the Carrier Video Based Training - LGC TV link.
Oct 15th

Portable Gas Detection is the latest episode from LGC TV.  You can find it on the Carrier Video Based Training - LGC TV link.

Oct 10th LGC NCOE releases another episode of LGC TV.  In this episode titled Gas as Fuel we discuss the basic areas of  concern for the marine inspector while inspecting the Gas as Fuel supply system on gas carriers; more detailed inspection process to follow during future episode.
Sep 11th

We are happy to announce that guest speaker, Bob Kamb, from ABS Advanced Solutions, stopped by the shop to record LNG Fuel Bunkering in our green room.  In this video Bob provides an overview of LNG Bunkering Risks and Concerns so you can better understand the scope of what goes into planning and preparing for LNG Bunker operations.  We really appreciate Bob for supporting the training of our marine inspectors and we look forward to working with Bob in future.  You can find his presentation, and more, from the Gas as Fuel tab on the main menu; look for Fuel Video Based Training - LGC TV.

Aug 26th

Congratulation to Mr. Aaron Ariss of USCG MSU Texas City who provided the correct responses to our Test Your Knowledge questions found on our 2019 Summer new letter.

Aug 22nd

We have released our 18th LGCTV training video.  This episode covers the inspection of IPP NLS certificate.  You can find it on the Carrier Video Based Training - LGC TV link.