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Gas Carrier Industry Training Program


If you are interested in participating in Gas Carrier Industry Training please contact our National Technical Advisor and copy the lgcncoe@uscg.mil email box.

Industry Training was established over 60 years ago to expose and familiarize Coast Guard's Marine Safety professionals in the aspects of corporate marine operations and management. The end goal was and still is to develop the officer's ability to provide better visualization of the business constraints of a representative segment of the maritime industry.

If you are interested in or have been selected to participate in merchant marine industry training with the Gas Carrier Industry, we can:

- Help you select an appropriate company based on your location;
- Provide you with a current list of topics/projects that will be of benefit to the CG;
- Provide recommendations on carrying out the training (keeping a journal, etc);
- Provide you with technical support during your training, as requested;
- Support you with preparing the post-training report.

This training is beneficial to everyone, particularly if coordinated properly.  For visibility, we ask to be copied on all post-training reports.

U.S. Coast Guard Mutual Training Agreement with SIGTTO