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State of the Industry - Ships using Gases or Low Flashpoint Fuels

Purpose: This page will provide you a location to learn more about the U.S. fleet using low flashpoint fuels. 

U.S. Vessels: New Construction / Retrofit - Operating / Under construction / LNG Ready (LR)

Last Update:  14 Oct 2021

Vessel - LNG:

Status IMO No    Original Name     Year    Original Owner     Class
UC 9698331 HARVEY PATRIOT       Harvey Gulf   ABS
UC 1289008 JANET MARIE       Pasha Hawaii   ABS
UC 9837092 GEORGE III       Pasha Hawaii   ABS
NC 9721970 TAINO   2018   Crowley Maritime   DNV-GL
NC 9721968 EL COQUI   2018   Crowley Maritime   DNV-GL
LR 9719068 KAIMANA HILA   2019   Matson   DNV-GL
LR 9719056 DANIEL K. INOUYE   2018   Matson   DNV-GL
LR 9704805 WEST VIRGINIA   2016   Matson   ABS
LR 9704790 LOUISIANA   2016   Matson   ABS
LR 9704788 TEXAS   2015   Matson   ABS
LR 9704776 OHIO   2015   Matson   ABS
NC 9688477 HARVEY AMERICA   2018   Harvey Gulf   ABS
NC 9680853 PERLA DEL CARIBE  (KPDL)   2016   TOTE Maritime   ABS
NC 9680841 ISLA BELLA   (WTOI)   2015   TOTE Maritime   ABS
NC 9654256 HARVEY FREEDOM   2017   Harvey Gulf   ABS
NC 9654244 HARVEY LIBERTY   2016   Harvey Gulf   ABS
NC 9654232 HARVEY POWER   2015   Harvey Gulf   ABS
NC 9654220 HARVEY ENERGY   2015   Harvey Gulf   ABS
RO 9232280 NORTH STAR (KIYI)   2003   TOTE Maritime   ABS
RO 9232278 MIDNIGHT SUN (WAHG)   2003   TOTE Maritime   ABS
UC  7729461 HORIZON RELIANCE (Repower from Steam)   1980   Horizon Lines now Matson    

Bunker Barges - LNG:

Status US No    Original Name    Capacity    Year    Original Owner    Class
UC 1320347   CLEAN CANAVERAL   5,400m3   2020   Polaris New Energy   ABS
NC 1284183
* 1284182
  Q-LNG 4000
  4,000m3   2020   Harvey Gulf   ABS
NC 1265232   CLEAN JACKSONVILLE   2,200m3   2015   TOTE Maritime   ABS

Vessels - Hydrogen:

Status US No   Original Name    Year    Original Owner    Class
UC     SEA CHANGE (Passenger Ferry)       SW/ITC Maritime   n/a