CGMIX remains the official site of available type approved equipment; however the copies provided on this page will allow people to see the certificate in its entirety, including appendices and previous versions. Any inquiries regarding BWMS equipment and operating limitations should be directed to the manufacturer.



 Type Approval Certificate  Issue Date   Expiration Date   Previous Versions 
 162.060/1/1 (Optimarin)  03NOV17  02DEC21  /1/0
 162.060/2/2 (Alfa Laval)  21DEC17  23DEC21  /2/0, /2/1
 162.060/3/3 (OceanSaver)  18OCT17  23DEC21  /3/0, /3/1, /3/2
 162.060/4/1 (Sunrui)  05JAN18  06JUN22  /4/0
 162.060/5/1 (Ecochlor)  26APR18  10AUG22  /5/0
 162.060/6/1 (ERMA FIRST)   18OCT17
 18OCT22  /6/0
 162.060/7/0 (Techcross)   05JUN18
 162.060/8/1 (Samsung)   20JUL18
 15JUN23  /8/0
 162.060/9/0 (BIO-UV)   20JUN18
 162.060/10/0 (Wärtsilä)  30AUG18  30AUG23  
 162.060/11/0 (HHI)  26OCT18  26OCT23  
 162.060/12/0 (Headway)  06NOV18  06NOV23  
 162.060/13/0 (JFE)  13NOV18  13NOV23  


Click here for the Coast Guard Maritime Information Exchange (CGMIX).

Select the SEARCH APPROVED EQUIPMENT LIST tab, then select the EQLIST SEARCH tab.

In the "Approval Series Name" field, use the drop-down menu to select BALLAST WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM-162.060.

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