Deepwater Ports Standards



Functional Objectives:

Under the direction and supervision of the Chief, Office of Operating and Environmental Standards (CG-OES), the Chief, Vessel and Facility Operating Standards Division (CG-OES-2) shall:

  • Develop and maintain regulations and standards for Deepwater Ports and processing Deepwater Port license applications. The Deepwater Port Act provides for the construction and operation of Deepwater Ports located beyond a State's seaward boundary for the purpose of the import or export of oil or natural gas to or from the United States.


  • Coordinate agency and public review and participation in the Deepwater Port licensing process.


  • Manage the development of a single Environmental Impact Statement for compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) for Deepwater Port license applications and associated federal permits.


  • Develop guidance for oversight of post-licensing activities associated with the development of Deepwater Ports including the design, construction, and activation phases, environmental monitoring programs, operational procedures, risk assessments, security plans, safety and inspections.


  • Maintain and update the regulations for Deepwater Ports, 33 Code of Federal Regulations Subchapter NN, (33 CFR Parts 148, 149, 150).


  • Participate in national and international conferences to discuss the application license review process, technological advances in the transportation of liquefied natural gas and operation of deepwater port facilities, and environmental concerns related to deepwater ports.


  • Develop Interagency Memorandums of Understanding, Memorandums of Agreement, and Cooperating Agreements among Federal and State Agencies for licensing deepwater ports.

Deepwater Ports Projects:

Below is a list of Deepwater Port Project Applications that have been received. To review the documents - access the Federal Docket Management System at, then enter the docket number into the "Docket ID" field and click the "submit" button.

Project Name Docket Number
Louisiana Offshore Oil Port USCG-2000-6981
ChevronTexaco Port Pelican LLC USCG-2002-14134
El Paso Energy Bridge LLC (now Excelerate Gulf Gateway) USCG-2003-14294
Shell US Gas & Power Gulf Landing LLC USCG-2004-16860
BHP Billiton Cabrillo PortLLC USCG-2004-16877
ConocoPhillips Compass Port LLC USCG-2004-17659
Freeport McMoRan Main Pass Energy Hub USCG-2004-17696
ExxonMobil Pearl Crossing LNG Terminal LLC USCG-2004-18474
ConocoPhillips Beacon Port LLC USCG-2005-21232
Excelerate Northeast Gateway Energy Bridge LLC USCG-2005-22219
Suez LNG NA Neptune LNG LLC USCG-2005-22611
Torp Bienville Offshore Energy Terminal USCG-2006-24644
Suez Calypso LNG, LLC USCG-2006-26009
Woodside OceanWay Secure Energy USCG-2007-26844
Port Dolphin Energy LLC USCG-2007-28532
Atlantic Sea Island Group LLC Safe Harbor Energy USCG-2007-28535
Clearwater Port USCG-2007-28676
Texas Offshore Port System Crude Oil Port USCG-2008-1239
Port Liberty Deepwater Port Project, Liberty Natural Gas, LLC USCG-2010-0993
Port Ambrose Deepwater Port Project, Liberty Natural Gas, LLC USCG-2013-0363
Port Delfin LNG, LLC USCG-2015-0472
Texas Gulf Terminals, Inc. MARAD-2018-0114
SPOT Terminal Services LLC (SPOT) MARAD-2019-0011
Texas COLT LLC (Texas COLT) MARAD-2019-0012
Sentinel Texas GulfLink MARAD-2019-0093
Phillips Blue Water Texas MARAD-2019-0094

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