(Formerly CG-5222, G-PSO-2, and G-MSO-2)





Under the direction and supervision of the Chief, Office of Operating and Environmental Standards (CG-OES), the Chief, Vessel and Facility Operating Standards Division (CG-OES-2) shall:

  • Develop and maintain standards and regulations for inspected and uninspected vessels, facilities, and offshore platforms.

  • Develop and maintain standards, regulations, and industry guidance for vessel, facility, and platform operations.

  • Develop and maintain regulations and guidance concerning operational pollution prevention, response, and removal.

  • Prepare national positions and participate as a United States representative to national and international fora, including the International Maritime Organization, to integrate U.S. and international standards with respect to vessel, facility, and platform operations.

  • Support and coordinate with classification societies, national professional and industry organizations to foster sound industry standards.

  • Recommend, guide, and conduct research and development as a basis for regulations, policy, and guidance toward safe and environmentally sound operating practices by maritime industry.

  • Administer the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) and a container certification program involving designation of approval authorities.

  • Serve as the Designated Federal Officer for the National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee (NOSAC) and the National Towing Safety Advisory Committee (NTSAC).

  • Process all new deepwater port license applications. 

  • Coordinate and implement all deepwater port post-licensing activities.