Policy Letter 02--20 has guidance for fee waivers. Please check your eligibility before paying any fees. Those eligible include members of active duty and reserve on active duty of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Space Force, (including the military academies) National Guard, the commissioned corps of NOAA and PHS. Required documentation is a letter from your command or personnel office on official letter head stating you are an active duty member of the uniformed services and indicating the dates you served on active duty OR active duty orders citing Title 10 or Title 14 of the United States Code. If you already have an application in process and have not paid all fees you can still request a waiver of the remaining fees. Contact our Customer Service Center at:
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Military to Mariner

Military sea service may be counted towards the sea service required to become a mariner. This military sea service is only part of the MMC evaluation. Documentation is key and must be submitted with the MMC application package to a Regional Exam Center.

Once the MMC evaluation is complete, the mariner will receive an email and/or letter notification indicating Awaiting Information (AI), Approval to Test (ATT), or Approved to Print.


Military Service Requirements

The following military service is evaluated in accordance with 46 Code of Federal Regulations 10.232 and Marine Safety Manual Vol III, Part A, Chapter II:

  • Vessel name
  • GRT or displacement tonnage
  • Propulsion Power
  • Dates assigned to the vessel
  • Position served (BMC, SK1, LT, etc.)
  • Propulsion Power

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Crediting Military Sea Service Options for Officers Options for Enlisted
Training and Exams Reasons For Delay Recency



Military service in the Deck or Engine department may be creditable toward a Deck or Engine license.