MMC Evaluation

An evaluation is a review of an applicant’s professional qualifications to include sea service, military service, assessments and /or training. Click here for more information on: Applying for a Merchant Mariner Credential.

The Next Phase

Once the evaluation is complete, the result may be an e-mail or letter notification to the applicant of, awaiting information (AI), approval to test (ATT), or approved to print.

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Documenting Sea Service

To document your sea service you may use form CG-719S or submit a letter which includes the same information required on the Small Vessel Sea Service Form (CG-719S). For further instructions on completing the CG-719S form, sample letters and sea service related details please use the Sea Service Instructions .

Visit our Military to Mariner page for information on crediting military sea service, training and exams, recency, officers, enlisted personnel and reasons for delay.

To help determine sea service for RENEWALs only, try the Renewal Calculator.

Some service on ATBs can be credited towards a Tankerman PIC endorsement. Check this document for status of equivalency determinations.