Merchant Mariner Credentialing Fees

Required mariner fees for evaluation, examination, and issuance can be found in 46 CFR 10.219 (Mariner Fees). When paying fees, we recommend utilizing  Make sure that your payment receipt is included as part of your application packet when submitting it to your local Regional Exam Center.

Make a Payment

Preferred payment method is Pay.Gov.



Important Information on Fees

Payment(s) must be exact amount.

STCW, Document of Continuity, Medical Certificate and Active Duty member of the uniformed services applications do not require fees.


Evaluation Fee: This fee is required for your application to be processed and must be paid at the time of application.

Examination Fee: This fee is required if the credential you have applied for requires an exam and must be paid before testing.

Issuance Fee: This fee is required to produce and mail your credential and must be paid before issuance of the credential.