Deck Officer


River Endorsements

MODU Endorsements

Exam Code: OSE01
Endorsement: Chief Engineer-OSV
Modules: Q680 - Q684


Examination Modules and Topics: Click on Module Title for Sample Exam
Grey Boxes Represent Major Topic Headings In Accordance With 46 CFR Subchapter B

OSE01: Chief Engineer-OSV (Original-Raise of Grade)
Q680-Motor Plants Q682-General Subjects Q683-Engineering Safety & Environmental Protection Q684-Electricity, Electronics & Control Engineering
Motor Propulsion General Subjects Refrigeration systems Safety Electricity-Electronics-Control Engineering
Main engines Prints and tables Control systems Fire theory Generators
Auxiliary engines Hydraulics Instruments-gauges Fire prevention Motor controllers
Starting systems Oily water separators Management Level Fire fighting Propulsion systems
Lubrication systems Sanitary-Sewage Systems Management skills Flooding Distribution systems
Fuel Automation systems Crisis management Dewatering Electronic systems
Fuel systems Control systems Shipyard Stability and trim Communications
Fuel injection systems Administration Inspections-surveys Damage control Safety
Air-charging systems Bearings Vessel layup Emerg Equip-Lifesaving Appl. Casualty control
Control systems Governors Employee familiarization General safety Troubleshooting
Automation systems Steering systems Operational planning Hazardous materials High voltage systems
Governors Deck machinery Assessing competency Pollution prevention Computers and networks
Safety Heat exchangers Management practices Inspections and surveys Bridge navigation equipment
Casualty control Watch duties Arbitration U.S. rules and regulations  
Steam Generators Ventilation systems Internal documents    
Auxiliary boilers Control systems International laws-conventions    
Feedwater systems Casualty control Technical analysis    
Condensate systems Safety Maintenance systems    
Recovery systems Refrigeration-Air Conditioning Troubleshooting    
  Casualty control Codes & regulations    
  Air conditioning systems