Gulf Strike Team (GST)

Gulf Strike Team Area of Responsibility Map & LogoThe GST is one of three special teams that make up the National Strike Force. It is a vital national asset comprised of a unique, highly trained cadre of Coast Guard professionals who maintain and rapidly deploy with specialized equipment and incident management skills any time to any place or hazard.

The GST is recognized worldwide as an expert authority in the preparation for and response to the effects resulting from oil discharges, hazardous substance releases, weapons of mass destruction events, and other emergencies on behalf of the American public.

Our area of responsibility covers all or portions of the 5th, 7th, and 8th Coast Guard Districts and Environmental Protection Agency Regions 4, and 6. In addition to these areas we also have international responsibilities for South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Services Provided

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Training Events


GST members develop a training curriculum for equipment pallet load-out GST members develop a training curriculum for equipment pallet load-out on CG new medium endurance aircraft
GST training on CG medium endurance fixed-wing the new HC-144 (CASA) aircraft GST members inflat seaslug during training  


The GST training division, in coordination with Aviation Training Center and our Reserve component, developed and implemented a training curriculum for equipment pallet load-out on the new HC-144 (CASA) aircraft. This aircraft is the CG's new medium endurance fixed-wing platform, which, in many cases, may be called upon by the National Strike Force to transport equipment and people to responses. The Gulf Strike Team took advantage of their location at ATC Mobile, and developed a program they can share with the other Strike Team's in the near future. The training was successful and members learned the technical and logistical fundamentals of loading and offloading the new aircraft in an emergency response situation.


  GST members deploy boom during SORS trainingGST members deploy boom  

On 30 November 2011, the Gulf Strike Team participated in a SORS exercise with the CGC Cypress in Pensacola, Florida.